Welcome Patrick Schultz

TankShield® is pleased to announce the addition of Patrick Schultz to the Board of Directors. Mr. Schultz will be instrumental in strategic planning for distribution and business development as Burlingame Industries Inc. launches TankShield® on a national level. Mr. Schultz has executive level experience in the petroleum, communications and M&A business. Mr. Schultz is an active Board Member to multiple private companies in the fields of capital finance, energy, communications and manufacturing.
Mr. Schultz’s prior leadership roles include:
• Managing Partner- Energy Capital USA
• CEO GasNGo North America
• CEO Realty Exchange Group Inc.
• President & CEO OPW-FCS Environ Holdings (Dover Company)
• President & CEO Strategic Management Corp
• Board Chairman & Co-Founder Petrogas International Corp
• Managing Director of International operations for Tokheim Corporation

Is someone stealing your fuel?

Thought we’d share this article from Landscape Management Blog.

Rarely do we feature products on this blog. The LM staff’s postings are not for sale. Our criteria for posting is simple — helping readers offer better service, save time and money, be more environmentally responsible.

Michigan contractor Mark Bruinius came up with a product, TankShield, that helps contractors save money by stopping fuel theft from skid tanks. We’re passing along the information because we’ve heard lots of stories about equipment and fuel theft this spring.

Bruinius, who ran a landscaping business for 15 years, contacted us after reading the article “Theft: Lock it up” in our Feb. 2011 issue.

Maybe like you, he had a problem preventing fuel theft from his skid tanks. He had three 500-gal. tanks — unleaded, on-road and off-road diesel. Most of the theft involved small amounts taken periodically. He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t figure out a way to stop it. It took the theft of $1,100 worth of unleaded fuel for him to say “enough.”

After a lot of experimentation, he came up with a rugged patented product made of 12-gauge steel and secured with using puck-style lock that allows his employees (those he trusts with keys) to access the pump through the front door. A unique internal slide rod at the rear door allows his fuel distributor to fill the tanks.

Bruinius, who manufactures the TankShields in Michigan, says they’re available in 550 and 1000 gal. UL, non-UL, double-walled tanks and high-flow pump models.

Always feel free to share your ideas with us and we’ll pass them along so that others can benefit from your experiences.