Q – How is TankShield® attached to the tank?
A – TankShield® utilizes two points of attachment:

  1. The primary vent on the rear of the tank
  2. A U-bolt secured around the pump stem on the front of the tank

Q – How does TankShield® keep someone from siphoning fuel through the primary vent?
A – Inside all TankShield® units there is a 2” Street 90 attached to a “T” fitting. Anyone trying to get a hose into your tank will dead end into the plug on the “T” fitting.

Q – How does my fuel supplier access the fill cap?
A – A unique internal slide rod accessed through the front door releases the rear fill door. The design secures all access points with one lock.

Q – What is a “puck” lock?
A – Our system uses a unique puck style lock. This prevents bolt cutters, sledge hammers, etc. from being used to gain access to your tank.

Q – If I buy multiple TankShield® units, can the puck lock be master keyed?
A – Yes. Multiple units can be keyed alike.

Q – Is TankShield® “legal” to have on my tank?
A – TankShield® is a UL recognized component for an Above Ground Storage Tank.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions regarding TankShield®.